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5 great places to get Corn Dogs in Dallas-Fort Worth area

For anyone who has spent time in the Lone Star State, it's no secret that Texas boasts a bounty of delectable culinary offerings. When thinking about the state's culinary heritage, iconic names like Blue Bell, chicken fried steak, and Tex-Mex instantly come to mind.

According to historical records, corn dogs made their way to Texas in the 1920s, thanks to German settlers, though they lacked their characteristic sticks at the time. The credit for popularizing the modern corn dog, served on a stick, goes to brothers Carl and Neil Fletcher, who introduced their "corny dogs" at the State Fair of Texas in 1942, with the development process starting as early as 1938.

5 great places to get Corn Dogs in Dallas-Fort Worth area

Boardwalk Bites' Foot-long Corn Dogs: Carnival Food Truck Yeah, it is always bigger in Texas! We are always proud of our foot-long corn dogs, and we've been so delighted to read positive reviews about them. Our foot-long frankfurters on a stick are dipped in a honey-cornmeal batter and cooked to a golden brown, just the way you like it. Check our menu now for more mouth-watering treats.

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs Location: State Fair of Texas and Pop-Up Food Trucks

Before the pandemic, Fletcher’s Corny Dogs were exclusively available at the Texas State Fair, where they sold around 500,000 corny dogs during the fair's three-week run. However, in 2020, with the fair's closure due to COVID, the Fletcher family adapted, offering corny dogs at Golden Chick as a limited-time option. They also acquired food trailers and now host pop-up events and catering services across the city. In addition to the original corny dog, they offer variations like jalapeño and cheese, the bird dog, the veggie dog, the cheezy pup, and the "make mine Texan dog." You can also indulge in old-fashioned funnel cakes, curly fries, lemonade, and deep-fried Oreos. Some corn dog options can be shipped nationwide via Goldbelly. On National Corn Dog Day, a mobile kitchen near the Katy Trail will be selling corny dogs, lemonade, and funnel cakes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Lakewood Landing Location: 5818 Olive St. (East Dallas)

The corn dogs at Lakewood Landing are a timeless classic. This corn dog "speakeasy" features Rudolph's sausage dipped in housemade beer batter, but there's a catch: you can only order them after midnight.

CornDog with No Name Locations: 6030 Luther Ln (Park Cities) and 10220 Technology Blvd (Northwest Dallas)

Vic and Jace Fletcher, a mother and daughter duo, are the creative minds behind CornDog with No Name, named the Best Corn Dog in 2021 by the Observer. They offer a range of signature corn dogs, including the classic, the spice dog (jalapeño cheddar), and the brunch dog (breakfast sausage dipped in funnel cake batter with bacon and maple syrup). For those seeking a healthier option, they have turkey and plant-based corn dogs. What sets them apart are their "exotic dogs," like the Pickle Dog (a classic dog stuffed inside a battered and fried Best Maid dill pickle) and franks infused with Joy Organics pure CBD oil. On the extravagant side, they serve The Queen, a 24-karat edible gold laced corn dog, accompanied by a glass of Champagne. On National Corn Dog Day, they will be offering Corn d’Oeuvres (mini corn dogs) for $1 each at their Technology Boulevard location.

Oh K Dog & Egg Toast Locations: Various locations (Lewisville, Carrollton, and Plano)

If you're ready to step outside the bounds of traditional corn dogs, you should explore the latest craze in battered and fried hot dogs on a stick: Korean Dogs. Oh K Dog is a great place to experience this unique twist, as they use a rice batter and offer a variety of toppings like cubed potatoes and hot Cheetos. You can even opt for a mozzarella cheese stick instead of a hot dog in the center, all paired with sweet or savory seasonings and dipping sauces for a delicious and innovative snack.

Heim Barbecue Location: 3130 W Mockingbird Lane (Near Love Field)

Heim Barbecue, recently reopened after fire damage, now features corn dogs on their daily menu. These are not your average hot dogs; you can choose from jalapeño cheddar, pepper jack, Texas-style, or a 44 Farms hot dog dredged in Wild Acre Brewing corn dog batter. They are cooked to golden perfection without excess grease. On Tuesdays, they still offer $2 corn dogs, but only with the 44 Farms hot dog.

Two Hands Corn Dog Location: 2625 Pioneer Parkway (Grand Prairie)

Two Hands Corn Dog can be found in the food court of Asia Times Square in Grand Prairie, a culinary adventure in itself. Here, you can enjoy meat or cheese corn dogs, dipped in a variety of toppings and conveniently packaged in takeaway boxes. While you're there, don't forget to sample pastry puffs at Beard Papa and some snow chicken at CM Chicken.

Lochland’s Irish Pub Location: 8518 Plano Rd. (Northeast Dallas)

For a unique twist on traditional corn dogs that pairs well with mimosas or Irish coffee, check out Lochland’s Irish Pub. They offer breakfast dogs on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., featuring two breakfast sausage links dipped in pancake batter and served with maple syrup.

Dog Haus Biergarten Location: 744 S. Central Expressway (Richardson)

Dog Haus Biergarten is a craft-casual eatery renowned for its hand-crafted proprietary Haus sausages, which can be used as the centerpiece for their made-to-order corn dogs. These are dipped in their "haus made" root beer batter and fried to a delectable golden brown. Their mini original corn dogs are anything but mini, and their smoked jalapeño cheddar wurst corn dogs offer a delightful kick of flavor from the jalapeños."



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