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A Million Miles Away full movie, watch online free

A Million Miles Away sweeps you off your feet, carrying you from a quaint Mexican village to the boundless expanses of outer space. At its core lies the awe-inspiring story of José Hernández, a NASA astronaut who overcame monumental challenges to touch the stars. Guided by unwavering determination and supported by his loving family, Hernández's journey shines brilliantly, reaffirming that dreams know no limits. A Million Miles Away Synopsis Inspired by the captivating book, "Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut" by José Hernández, this film delves deep into Hernández's origins, vividly depicting his childhood in a migrant farmworker family, always on the move in search of employment. Despite the constant shifts from one town to another, leading to ever-changing schools, he triumphantly graduated from Franklin High School in Stockton. José Hernández achieved academic excellence, obtaining his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Pacific, followed by an M.S. from the University of California. However, the pinnacle of his journey was when he ascended to the stars, fulfilling his childhood dream as a crew member on the Space Shuttle mission STS-128. This movie beautifully showcases his remarkable transition from fields to space, from farmworker to astronaut. A Million Miles Away Cast Michael Peña stars as José Hernandez, leading the way in Prime Video's "A Million Miles Away." His portrayal traces Hernandez's transformation from a small Mexican village boy to a NASA flight engineer, forming the heart of the narrative. With the movie's trailer already showcasing Peña's compelling performance, viewers are in for a treat. Beyond this film, Michael Peña is a familiar face from hits like "Secret Headquarters," "Narcos: Mexico," "Jack Ryan," and "A Wrinkle in Time." Rosa Salazar portrays Adela, the emotional core of the Hernandez family in the upcoming Prime Video drama. The complexities of their relationship, marked by his frequent absences yet strengthened by unwavering love, create a poignant subplot. The trailer hints at Salazar's captivating chemistry with Peña, promising an exceptional performance. Her past works include titles such as "Wedding Season," "Chariot," and "No Future." Sarayu Blue takes on the role of Kalpana Chawla in "A Million Miles Away," a pivotal character alongside José. Viewers may recognize Blue from a range of roles in productions like "XO, Kitty," "Hollywood Stargirl," "To All the Boys: Always and Forever," and "Medical Police." Supporting Cast Highlights The ensemble cast is further enriched with talent:

  • Julio Cesar Cedillo as Salvador

  • Garret Dillahunt as Sturckow

  • Bobby Soto as Beto

  • Eric Johnson as Clint Logan

  • Jordan Dean as Weissberg

  • Emma Fassler as Stacey

  • Ashley Ciarra as Marisa

  • Veronica Falcón as Julia

Is "A Million Miles Away" Streaming on Netflix? No, contrary to rumors, the new biopic "A Million Miles Away" is not available for streaming on Netflix. Where to Watch "A Million Miles Away" "A Million Miles Away" is exclusively streaming on Prime Video. A subscription to Prime Video is included in an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99/month or $139.00/year. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers, allowing you to explore the movie for free. "A Million Miles Away" Trailer Watch the trailer to embark on José Hernandez's incredible journey. Start Watching "A Million Miles Away" Now Immerse yourself in the riveting tale of José Hernandez, a man who dared to dream beyond the horizon and aspire to reach the stars. This captivating narrative comes to life on screen with the brilliant Michael Peña in the lead role and the masterful direction of Alejandra Márquez Abella. It's not just a movie; it's an experience that promises to inspire and captivate from start to finish." Enjoy "A Million Miles Aways" movie entertainment with Boardwalk Bite's "Better Than State Fair" eats and treats. You can pair our foot-long corn dogs with our fresh-squeezed lemonades or go with everybody's favorite combo: funnel cakes, chicken tenders basket, kettle corns, and sweet tea. Check our menu now for more exciting fair foods. If you have an event in Texas, we also offer top-notch food truck catering services.

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