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Boardwalk Bites' Catering Events List of 2024

Last year was drenched in funnel cake batter and sprinkled with carnival glee for Boardwalk Bites! Our catering service took the DFW area by storm, transforming ordinary gatherings into vibrant festivals of flavor. From birthday bashes brimming with laughter and foot-long corn dogs to corporate picnics pulsating with the sizzle of bacon-wrapped sausages, we painted culinary smiles on countless faces. Every event was a testament to our passion and dedication, exceeding expectations with fresh, local ingredients and a contagious dose of carnival fun. We partnered with iconic names like Toyota and Texas A&M, leaving them singing our praises (and maybe even requesting one more round of those irresistible kettle corn nuggets). But our greatest pride lies in the countless small celebrations we catered, where families and friends huddled over loaded fries and shared stories spun from warm, gooey funnel cakes. It was a year of overflowing plates and overflowing hearts, a year that cemented Boardwalk Bites as the go-to caterer for anyone seeking joy on a plate.

So, as the confetti from 2023 settles and we step into 2024, our commitment to your culinary carnival remains unwavering. We're adding new menu twists, amplifying the fun factor, and vowing to keep the good times rolling (literally, on our brightly colored food truck!). Whether you're planning an intimate brunch or a mega-festival, Boardwalk Bites isn't just catering, it's an experience. Choose us, and we'll transform your event into a memory as sweet and sticky as our signature funnel cakes. Let's raise a glass (or a lemonade cup) to laughter, to community, and to the irresistible taste of fun – together, one bite at a time. Make Boardwalk Bites your partner in creating unforgettable moments in 2024!

January: Sales Meeting | 01/08/24 February: Cupids Carnival | 02/15/24 Food Truck Event | 02/20/24 March: Learner's Showcase | 03/07/24 April: Texas Food Truck Showdown 04/13/24 Wilmeth Carnival | 04/19/24 Spring Carnival | 04/20/24 May: Smith Elementary PTA Carnival | 05/04/24 Manworren Wedding | 05/18/24 June: Splash Bash | 06/01/24 July: August: Prosper Connects 24 Pro Conference | 08/01/24 September: October: November: December:


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