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Discover Plano's Secret Crepe Haven – Your Newest Indulgent Delight

Step into the enchanting world of Crepes For U, a hidden gem tucked away in Plano, where a symphony of sweet Japanese-style crepes awaits. Founded in 2007 by Paul Pokachaipatt, a former wine consultant turned crepe artisan, this delightful spot remains a well-kept secret within the walls of Jusgo Supermarket, a Plano Asian market.

Photo by Lan Do

Discovering this culinary haven might pose a challenge, but the effort is undeniably rewarded. Drawn in by the promise of 4.9-star customer service, fresh ingredients, and pocket-friendly prices, we embarked on a journey through a menu that has stood the test of time.

The menu at Crepes For U has remained virtually unchanged since its inception, a testament to the timeless appeal of its offerings. "Everything on the menu is tried and tested by time," affirms Pokachaipatt. The crepes, each adorned with unique flavors and whimsical names, beckon patrons to explore. Indulge in the Choco Rocco, a hazelnut-chocolate crepe adorned with crunchy chocolate sprinkles, or savor the red bean creation, delicately folded with red bean paste and crowned with green tea ice cream.

Beyond the diverse selection, what captivated us was the freshness of every creation. Behind the glass counter, crepes are skillfully crafted, generously paired with a scoop of ice cream, and served with warm conversation. Freshly chopped fruits and daily-mixed crepe batter contribute to the exceptional quality of each offering. Treat yourself to the Blueberry More or Cupid crepe, both featuring layers of fluffy whipped cream and bursts of cut fruit.

Paul Pokachaipatt's mastery in the art of crepe-making reflects years of traversing the streets of France. The crepes at Crepes For U boast a uniquely crisp exterior that yields to a soft, delectable batter within. Paired with a cold scoop of ice cream for an additional $1.99, the combination is a harmonious dance of flavors and textures.

What truly astonished us were the prices—hovering between $6 and $7, these masterpieces are affordable indulgences. While not designed for sharing, their thin, light, and airy nature makes consuming multiple crepes a reasonable feat.

Reflecting on the years since its opening, Pokachaipatt expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support from the community. The heart of Crepes For U lies in its customers, making the prospect of retirement bittersweet for the passionate owner. Fortunately, for now, the idea of closing down remains distant. Crepes For U welcomes visitors seven days a week, inviting everyone to experience the magic behind each meticulously crafted crepe.

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