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Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks Work Magic in the 2023 NBA Draft

The Dallas Mavericks, under the leadership of owner Mark Cuban, orchestrated a remarkable feat during the 2023 NBA Draft. With strategic moves, they managed to turn a single draft pick into three valuable players, bolstering their roster for the upcoming season. The Mavericks secured the services of talented Duke center Dereck Lively II while simultaneously shedding the hefty contract of Davis Bertans. This maneuver created a trade exception, which ultimately led to the acquisition of Kings center Richaun Holmes and the 24th pick, power forward Olivier-Maxence Prosper from Marquette. Cuban and the Mavericks front office demonstrated their prowess in maximizing assets and turning them into promising talent.

Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks Work Magic
(John Minchillo / AP)

The anticipation surrounding the draft reached a fever pitch, with rumors circulating about star player Luka Doncic's new and improved physique. Pictures on social media showcased a noticeably more shredded Doncic, and Cuban confirmed the transformation after a series of FaceTime calls with his superstar. The owner's excitement about the team's prospects is palpable and serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to success.

Cuban's enthusiasm is warranted, as the Mavericks acknowledge the need for change and improvement. After a season that Cuban himself described as "horrific" and "a failure," the organization understands the importance of self-reflection and self-improvement. They recognize the need to address their shortcomings and strive for better results.

The Mavericks' ability to secure Dereck Lively II, their desired player, while simultaneously offloading Davis Bertans' substantial contract exemplifies their creative approach to problem-solving. Recognizing that a single draft pick alone would not rectify all their previous mistakes, the Mavericks got inventive. They have been grappling with numerous issues over the past year, and Cuban's willingness to take responsibility for those missteps is encouraging. The hiring of Dennis Lindsey, former general manager of the Utah Jazz, to mentor Nico Harrison, reflects Cuban's desire to strengthen the organization's front office and bring a more traditional NBA structure to the team.

Rumors abound that the Mavericks are pursuing Jeff Van Gundy, a prominent analyst, to join Jason Kidd's coaching staff. While the outcome of this pursuit remains uncertain, it serves as another indication that the Mavericks recognize the need to rectify the organization-wide mistakes from the previous season.

Cuban's candid admission that Jason Kidd didn't receive the same level of player buy-in as in his initial season further underscores the team's determination to address their chemistry and player dynamics. The absence of Jalen Brunson likely played a role in the changing dynamics, prompting the Mavericks to evaluate and make necessary adjustments. The pressing question now revolves around Dereck Lively II and whether he possesses the necessary skills to alleviate some of the burden on Luka Doncic and potentially Kyrie Irving, should he decide to re-sign. Securing Irving's services is a priority for the Mavericks this off-season, adding another layer of importance to the equation. Lively, the nation's top-ranked recruit in high school, didn't have a dazzling stint at Duke. However, his remarkable wingspan of 7-foot-7 is a difficult attribute to coach. Scouts have likened him to "Tyson Chandler 2.0," with Lively potentially boasting a higher offensive ceiling. If he can provide the same defensive prowess Chandler offered in his rookie season, that would be more than satisfactory. Speaking to NBA TV, Lively expressed excitement about setting screens for Luka and Kyrie, envisioning the myriad of possibilities it would create for him. The Mavericks are in dire need of additional options, particularly a wing player who excels in three-and-D capabilities. While Lively may be able to compensate for some defensive lapses on the perimeter made by Luka and Kyrie, he alone cannot solve all the team's issues. The Mavericks must prioritize acquiring size, toughness, and grit. Richaun Holmes fits this description, albeit more ideally three years ago. Nonetheless, addressing all concerns in a single night is an unrealistic expectation. The encouraging news is that the Mavericks took a step forward on draft night, perhaps even a couple of steps. If the team was destined for a challenging season, this draft provided an opportunity to make positive strides. Only time will determine the true outcome of these moves, but it appears the Mavericks made the correct decisions on Thursday. It has been quite some time since we could confidently assert that statement.

Overall, Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks executed an impressive display of skill and strategy during the 2023 NBA Draft. Transforming a single pick into three players showcases their ability to think outside the box and maximize their resources. With the addition of Dereck Lively II, Richaun Holmes, and Olivier-Maxence Prosper, the Mavericks have taken significant steps towards improving their roster for the upcoming season. Cuban's commitment to change and the pursuit of top-notch talent bodes well for the Mavericks' future success.


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