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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 full movie, watch online free

In 2002, the beloved film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" made its debut in theaters, surprising everyone with its massive success. Now, two decades later, Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, and other members of the Portokalos family are returning to the screen to update us on their lives.

Picking up the story after the events of the 2016 sequel, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2," the Portokalos family finds itself fractured following the passing of the family patriarch, Gus (played by Michael Constantine, who sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 94 from natural causes). To reunite their loved ones, Toula (Nia), her husband Ian (John), her brother Nick (Louis Mandylor), and Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) organize a family reunion in their homeland, Greece. While there, Toula decides to fulfill her father's last wish: delivering a childhood diary to his long-lost friend. Now that "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" has been officially released, longtime fans are eager to know how they can watch and stream it from the comfort of their own homes. Fortunately, we've done the research and have the answer. Where to watch and stream "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3": Currently, the only way to experience the latest chapter of the Portokalos family's story is by heading to your local movie theater. However, it's highly likely that the movie will become available on a popular streaming platform in the near future, and there's a significant clue pointing in the direction of where it might land. At the moment, the original "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is accessible for viewing on NBC's streaming platform, Peacock. Furthermore, viewers can also watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" on the same platform immediately after finishing the first film. Given this pattern, it's quite probable that "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" will also find its way to Peacock eventually. Regarding an exact release date, there are hints about when audiences can start enjoying this comedy. Typically, films distributed by Focus Features and Universal Pictures, like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3," tend to arrive on Peacock within 45 days of their theatrical premiere. If this schedule holds, fans can anticipate watching the film no later than November 2023. When the time comes to watch and stream "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3," viewers should consider creating a Peacock profile in advance. Peacock offers various subscription plans, with the lowest starting at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Once you have an account, simply head to the movie's title page on the Peacock website or use the Peacock app to enjoy the film.


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