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PappaRoti in Frisco is freshly baking Malaysian coffee buns

PappaRoti, the latest addition to the Dallas dining scene, stands out with its intriguing name and delightful offerings. Originating from Malaysia in 2003, the brand has now spread its aroma and flavors to more than 450 cities worldwide, including its newest location in Frisco. Drawing crowds and rave reviews, this dessert haven has become a local sensation.

PappaRoti in Frisco is freshly baking Malaysian coffee buns

The star of PappaRoti's menu remains its signature bun, a simple yet delectable creation featuring a crunchy caramel coating on the outside. You can customize it with various toppings like ice creams, sauces, and nuts, but we recommend trying it in its unadulterated form. The way the crispy exterior gives way to a salted buttery core is truly captivating. Pair it with a glass of Karak tea, a ginger-and-cardamom-infused beverage with a cult following in Malaysia, or the Pappacino, the chain's version of a frappuccino designed for dipping the bun. The straightforward combination of bun and coffee proves to be irresistibly appealing. While the menu primarily revolves around buns, it offers all-day breakfast variations such as cream cheese with honey drizzle and Berries Delight featuring berries, almonds, and white chocolate. For those seeking a more indulgent experience, the menu includes options like the Mona Lisa topped with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce, and the iCloud adorned with whipped cream and sliced strawberries. To satisfy your sweet tooth, explore the specialty ice cream buns, which are hollowed out and filled with ice cream, or create your own, allowing you to personalize your sweet fillings and drizzles. What sets PappaRoti apart is its unconventional operating hours. The shop is open late, from 3 to 10 p.m., which is somewhat unusual for the early-to-bed suburbs of Dallas. Step into a welcoming atmosphere filled with bright lights, lively conversations, and the enticing aromas of what PappaRoti proudly claims to be some of the world's most delicious pastries.



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