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Strawberry Moon 2023 shines bright tonight

Get ready for the upcoming June full moon, famously referred to as the "strawberry moon," which will grace the Saturday evening skies and reach its peak at 11:42 p.m. ET. Anticipate a magnificent sight as it shines brightly, radiating a golden hue and serving as a splendid way to welcome the onset of summer.

Strawberry Moon 2023
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

According to information from NASA, the full moon will grace the weekend, illuminating the nights from Friday to Monday. So, make sure to savor its beauty throughout this period. If you happen to find yourself fortunate enough to have a clear sky in your vicinity this weekend, be on the lookout for the brilliant star, Antares, positioned to the right of the moon. Additionally, NASA suggests that Venus and Mars should also be visible to the naked eye, providing a celestial spectacle worth observing. In the realm of astronomical wonders, there are few sights as captivating as a full moon gracing the night sky. Each month, nature blesses us with this celestial spectacle, and June brings forth a particularly captivating lunar event known as the "strawberry moon." As the summer solstice approaches and the days grow longer, this mesmerizing phenomenon captures the hearts and imaginations of stargazers around the world.

The strawberry moon, also referred to as the "rose moon" in certain cultures, derives its name from the Native American tradition of associating the full moon of June with the ripening of strawberries. Just as these luscious berries reach their peak sweetness during this time, so too does the moon reveal its fullest and most vibrant form. It is a symbolic union of nature's bounties, blending the sweetness of summer fruits with the celestial splendor above.

This year, on a tranquil Saturday evening, the strawberry moon will take center stage. As night falls and the moon climbs higher, its radiant glow will intensify, casting an enchanting luminosity upon the world below. The sky will be alight with its golden brilliance, a celestial beacon guiding us through the vast expanse of the cosmos.

At precisely 11:42 p.m. ET, the strawberry moon will reach its peak, a moment of sublime beauty when its light shines with unrivaled intensity. It is a time for reflection and awe, a chance to connect with the majesty of the universe and appreciate the wonders that lie beyond our earthly realm.

This magical lunar event extends its splendor throughout the entire weekend, from Friday night to Monday morning, allowing ample opportunity to revel in its resplendence. Whether you choose to venture into nature's embrace or simply gaze at the sky from your backyard, the strawberry moon promises to be a sight to behold.

For those blessed with clear skies and a touch of serendipity, a celestial alignment adds an extra touch of grandeur to this already magnificent occasion. Look towards the right of the moon, and you may catch a glimpse of Antares, a bright star gracefully accompanying our lunar companion. Moreover, Venus and Mars, the celestial neighbors of our planet, will grace the night sky, presenting a rare opportunity to witness their celestial dance alongside the strawberry moon.

So, as the weekend approaches, mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the radiance of the strawberry moon. Set aside a moment to contemplate the beauty of our universe and the fleeting nature of time. It is a time to celebrate the arrival of summer, to appreciate the abundant gifts of nature, and to marvel at the celestial wonders that continue to inspire and captivate us.

Remember, though the strawberry moon will fade and its brilliance diminish, the spirit of wonder and exploration it ignites within us will endure. Let us cherish these celestial phenomena and carry their magic with us as we navigate the vast mysteries of the cosmos and the rich tapestry of our lives. May the strawberry moon illuminate our paths and fill our hearts with the joy of discovery. Speaking of strawberries for summer, you should taste our Fresh Squeezed Strawberry Lemonade, our fresh Lemonade with a scoop of delicious strawberry chutney! Check our menu for more eats and treats to satisfy your hunger and thirst this summer.

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