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Texas Rangers to sell $250 sandwiches at World Series games

The World Series food offerings at the Texas Rangers’ ballpark are both immense and expensive. The most extravagant item is a $250 trio of sandwiches, featuring a 2-foot-long lobster roll crowned with beef tenderloin, known as the Three Strike Lobster Roll. The lobster roll comes with a distinctive red bun, courtesy of Marquez Bakery and Tortilla Factory, a local Arlington company. Also included in this hefty meal are the 2-foot-long Boomstick hot dog and the Boomstick Burger, a massive beef patty garnished with chili, cheese, jalapeño, and onion rings. The whole experience even includes a mini helmet stocked with plates, napkins, and silverware. While it's the priciest concessions item in Texas Rangers history, you certainly get a substantial feast for the cost, amounting to 6 feet of indulgence.

Texas Rangers to sell $250 sandwiches at World Series games

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However, only 10 Three Strike Lobster Rolls will be available at each World Series home game, so they are expected to sell out quickly. While the high price and colossal portion make this addition a showstopper, there are still plenty of other food options at the ballpark for those not looking to spend $250 on dinner.

Another new addition is the Heim Hammer, a shareable beef shank priced at $99.99. This hefty piece of meat, smoked slowly by pitmaster Brandon Hurtado from Arlington, is coated with habanero barbecue sauce and is designed to feed six to eight people. It comes with tortillas, salsa, cilantro, onions, and limes, making it an ideal choice for a group of friends enjoying the game.

The concessions team at Globe Life Field had limited time to finalize their World Series menu, but these offerings have been a dream for years. The oversized lobster roll, in particular, had been on their radar, but it always seemed too costly for regular games. The World Series, however, provided the perfect opportunity to introduce this extravagant sandwich.

In addition to these new World Series items, the ballpark continues to serve the concessions introduced at the start of the postseason. Some notable selections include the Big Tex Torta, Super Slugger Cheese Sticks, Chicken Parm Dawwg, and the Oaxaca Dawwg.

As a fun fact, if the World Series goes to seven games, the Texas Rangers plan to smoke 60,000 pounds of brisket to satisfy the fans at home games.


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