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Top 15 Pizza Spots in Dallas

Dallas excels not only in barbecue and margaritas but also in the art of pizza. Fueled by Italian transplants and skilled artisans, the city boasts an array of exceptional options. Here are 14 favorites:

Top 15 Pizza Spots in Dallas

1. 400 Gradi

  • Location: 2000 Ross Ave.

  • Crafting pizzas with the perfect blend of crispiness and chewiness, 400 Gradi uses imported Italian ingredients for an authentic taste. From classic Margherita to adventurous toppings like prosciutto and truffle oil, each pizza is cooked at a traditional 400 degrees.

2. Cane Rosso

  • Multiple Locations

  • Mastering Neapolitan-style pizza since 2009, Cane Rosso adheres to Verace Pizza Napoletana standards. The Honey Bastard, featuring housemade mozzarella, hot soppressata, bacon marmalade, and habanero honey, is a crowd favorite. Explore monthly specials for unique creations.

3. Delucca Gaucho Pizza & Wine

  • Multiple Locations

  • Offering a unique concept akin to Fogo de Chao, Delucca Gaucho Pizza provides a set-price experience with a variety of savory and dessert pizzas. From classic pepperoni to exotic options like Turkish lamb and garlic picanha, there's something for every palate.

4. Drake’s Hollywood

  • Location: 5007 W. Lovers Lane

  • Blending Tinseltown flair with Texas hospitality, Drake’s Hollywood serves pizzas with a thin, crispy crust and diverse toppings. Classics like pepperoni and signature creations such as barbecue pizza with grilled chicken cater to various preferences.

5. Eno’s Pizza Tavern

  • Multiple Locations

  • Originating in 2008, Eno’s Pizza Tavern, known for its handcrafted thin-crust pizzas, charred in a wood-burning oven, emphasizes local ingredients. Whether opting for a classic Margherita or a specialty like the Smoky Fig, the flavors promise a delightful experience.

6. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company (GAPCo)

  • Multiple Locations

  • Since 2007, GAPCo has been a Dallas favorite for creative thin-crust New York-style pizza. Try their signature Pretty Pickle pizza, loaded with dill pickles, creamy garlic sauce, bacon, mozzarella, red pepper, and shaved Parmesan.

7. Mister O1

  • Multiple Locations

  • Hailing from Miami, Mister O1 is known for its star-shaped pizzas with a folded crust containing pockets of ricotta cheese. The naturally fermented dough and unique toppings, like the Coffee Paolo with honey and spicy salami, set it apart.

8. Motor City Pizza

  • Location: 1425 FM 407, Lewisville

  • Awarded the best Detroit-style pizza, Motor City Pizza pays homage to its roots. Try local twists like the Texas Sweet Heat, featuring Wisconsin brick cheese, pepperoni, candied jalapenos, and Boss Sauce.

9. Olivella’s

  • Multiple Locations

  • Gaining national attention, Olivella’s serves Neapolitan and Roman-style pizzas. With 20 different options, including a weekly BOGO special, it remains a local favorite.

10. Partenope

  • Locations: 1903 Main St., Dallas, and 110 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson

  • Following Neapolitan traditions, Partenope focuses on simplicity and high-quality ingredients. Their gold medal-winning Montanara pizza features flash-fried then baked crust, mozzarella, parmesan, tomato sauce, and basil.

11. Pizza Leila

  • Location: 2111 Flora St.

  • Born during the pandemic, Pizza Leila offers Sicilian-style thick pizza. The cacio e pepe arancini, little fried balls of Sicilian goodness, are a must-try.

12. Pizzana

  • Location: 3219 Knox St.

  • Ranked No. 9 on the 2022 list of the best pizzerias in the U.S., Pizzana serves neo-Neapolitan pizza with a firm base. The cacio e pepe pizza offers a unique twist on the traditional pasta dish.

13. Poco Fiasco

  • Location: 2823 McKinnon St.

  • Offering thin-crust pizzas and a lively atmosphere, Poco Fiasco is a Harwood District gem. Enjoy high-end pizzas like The Donkey, a spicy creation with Diablo Sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onion, and fennel pollen.

14. Thunderbird Pies

  • Location: 7328 Gaston Ave. (East Dallas)

  • Specializing in Detroit-style pizza, Thunderbird Pies, a venture by the culinary team behind Cane Rosso and Zoli’s, offers unique combinations like the Thunder Mifflin and Luka Brasi.

15. Zoli’s

  • Location: 14910 Midway Road, Addison

  • Completing the trifecta for Jay Jerrier, Zoli’s New York-style pizza, named the best in 2023, captures the essence of traditional New York-style pizza with a firm crust and delightful toppings. Explore the pizza of the month for new, off-the-menu creations."



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