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Where to Find the Best Chicken Wings in DFW in 2024

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a haven for foodies, and wings are no exception. Whether you crave classic Buffalo, adventurous ethnic flavors, or perfectly crispy perfection, DFW has something to satisfy your wing desires. Here's your guide to conquering the DFW wing scene in 2024:

The Classics Done Right:

  • Ten Bells Tavern (Oak Cliff):  These are legendary for a reason. Perfectly crispy wings with a thoughtful sauce – a Franks Hot base with a blue cheese drizzle and cheesy crumbles. A trip to Bishop Arts is worth it just for these beauties.

  • Duff's Famous Wings (Multiple Locations): This New York and Canadian favorite has landed in the 'burbs, and it's worth the drive. Family-owned with a focus on quality, they offer nearly 20 sauces with eight heat levels, from mild to "afterlife."

For the Spice Adventurer:

  • Bbop Seoul Kitchen (Bishop Arts):  Korean fried chicken is taking DFW by storm, and Bbop Seoul Kitchen is a leader. Their Seoul Fire sauce packs a punch, but the kimchi fries are the perfect cool-down companion.

  • Ricky's Hot Chicken (Multiple Locations):  Nashville-style hot chicken is all about the heat, and Ricky's doesn't disappoint. Choose your spice level (be warned, "Shut the Cluck Up" is no joke) and enjoy the juicy, flavorful chicken.

Beyond Buffalo:

  • Cosmo's (Dallas):  This divey gem is known for its friendly service and unique take on wings. Skip the saucy route and opt for their perfectly fried wings seasoned with a Cajun dry rub. Don't forget to grab the dipping sauces – spicy and sesame-ginger-soy.

  • WingBucket (Multiple Locations):  This local chain offers a staggering selection of over 20 in-house concocted flavors, from the classic Buffalo to the wacky (think peanut butter and jelly). Perfect for the indecisive wing lover.


  • Texas Wing (Dallas):  A no-frills spot with a focus on delicious, affordable wings. They offer a variety of flavors and sides, making it a great choice for a casual wing night.

  • Wings Over Fort Worth (Fort Worth):  A local favorite with a loyal following. Their wings are consistently good, and they offer a variety of flavors and sizes to suit any appetite.

Remember:  These are just a starting point! DFW has a vibrant wing scene with countless hidden gems. Do your research, explore your neighborhood, and find your perfect wing match. Pro tip: Check out local food blogs and social media for the latest wing trends and hidden gems.

Final Note:  The Wing Shack, a longtime DFW favorite, is currently closed on Sundays. Be sure to check their hours before heading out.



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